The Charity 

Buddah and Kiki 

Buddah and Kiki 


The Food and stuff 


The money that we raise at our events are used to make PB&J sandwiches, but water bottles, dog food, and bananas. We find that people need water the most, and foods that don't spoil the same day are a plus because people are not always hungry the moment we see them. We also wanna make sure we can feed our four-legged friends.  

We differ from other organizations because we have literally zero overhead at the moment. I pay for the website out of my pocket so all of your money goes directly to the neighborhood.

as far as pictures go ... to be honest, I don't like showing myself or any of us actually feeding people. I know many people may find that problematic as we vow to feed people, but I just feel like it's a bit immoral to post things like that online. I don't like the idea of exploiting people's hunger by posting pictures of them in that vulnerable space. part of tenderloin is to try to do everything is absolute love. but here are some pics of the meals we made. We also invite everyone to the cooking events! So contact us to get involved!